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Mixbook X OhJoy! Collection and why I love Photo Books.

Mixbook X OhJoy! Collection and why I love Photo Books.

How times have changed! 

One hundred years ago, people thought they were living in the age of modern marvels, if only they could see us now. It seems that except for kisses and hugs, everything is digital. And when it comes to photography, the impact of digital photography has been monumental and has made nearly all of us professional photographers; at least we think we are. The tools we use are so advanced that it’s hard not to take great shots. 

But there’s a catch.

In an instant, our most cherished photographs can vanish. One click of the wrong button, or the failure of a hard drive, or forget to pay your cloud storage bill, and thousands of photos can be lost forever.

This is precisely why having hard copy back-ups of your most important memories is now a must. But let’s be honest, boxes of photographs is so old school, and so not 21st Century. And it’s precisely why I use Mixbook

Mixbook is amazing. It takes my favorite digital photos, photos that I send to them online, and delivers back to me a professional quality book of my life’s most precious moments.  When I received my first book, the quality and presentation of my photos was stunning and far exceeded my expectations. Really, you’ve got to see it to believe it. It’s just that good.

Photo book services have been around for a while, but what separates Mixbook is how easy and fast it is to create your book of memories. Their software is in a word… Simple. For me there was no learning curve, no frustrations, it was all very intuitive and quite fun. 

And the result… The book is spectacular! But what I could never have expected is the excitement expressed by my two toddlers, Enzo and Isabella, from seeing themselves on the pages of their very own book. 

I read books to my two little angels every night, but I’ve never seen them react to any book like their Mixbook. With the turning of each page they see themselves as the characters in their very own life story and jump with joy as they anxiously tell the story behind each photo. Priceless. 

Priceless not just as a wonderful family moment, but as a learning experience that teaches them how to express in words what they see as they recount the story they experienced in the photo. At just three and five years old, this is an important exercise for children. This has never happened when viewing standard photos, or digital images on my phone, or computer. There’s something about seeing themselves on the pages of a book that really excites them. SO much so that they want to read their Mixbook over and over again. 

Every home should have a Mixbook collection of life’s most cherished moments and events.  

I recently attended the launch of Oh Joy! for Mixbook collaboration and it was a delightfully fun and colorful event held at the California Children’s Museum.  In fact, I used the OhJoy! photo book design for my son’s birthday book.

Mixbook has such a great variety of visual formats and products, making them your perfect partner for creating a collection of custom photo books and fun fact cards. Mixbook recently designed five custom Oh Joy! templates in addition to trading cards for your kids. 

Now is the perfect time to begin your collection of Mixbooks, 7% of ALL sales from the Oh Joy! for Mixbook will go to Shriners Hospitals for Children to help kids in need reach their full potential and lead more fulfilling lives.

If you’re planning to create your own photo book, use this code for a 50% off your first order.  CLASSYV50 – The code is valid through 06/30/19. 

I give Mixbook FIVE STARS and you will, too.

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